Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Flipside Enables Blockchains To Live Up To Their Full Potential
When we started Flipside we recognized the promise of blockchain was nothing short of world-changing. For blockchains to succeed, they would require a vast set of resources and solutions. Utilizing data as our foundation, we set out on a mission to be a critical resource and solution for blockchains to scale effectively. From our early journey as a fund, to a rating system, a business intelligence offering, and ultimately a community-enabled growth and insights engine, Flipside has remained dedicated to a mission that will help transform the world.

Our Vision

5 Billion People Trust Blockchains With Their Most Sensitive Data
We will activate the best analytical minds in the world…we will make blockchain data free and accessible…we will clarify the unclear…we will help the mass market understand…we will enable blockchains and their applications to be understood and trusted so they can be embedded in everything.